For a long time MTPL (India) has been and still is a nationally and globally acclaimed Company and during the last years such attitude has more and more increased with the opening of various branch offices all over the world that are not only commercial offices, but structures that interact with their own reference markets.

Since its foundation, MTPL (India) objective has always been “MTPL customers”, both as regards the satisfaction of their needs as well as opinion sharing to develop their production strategies, and, last but not the least, the supply of instruments for their development and for gaining the leadership in the market.

Our only objective is the excellence, both in the realization of our products and in the ability to supply our customers with a working system and a “know how”, which have been a distinguishing sign and a mark of MTPL (India) all over the world. 

Our target is ambitious, but this is the mainspring that pushes us every day to surpass ourselves.

We are honored to produce machines and extrusion lines, to design equipment’s that are Taylor-made for our customers, being able to get certified products of the highest quality available on the market. Investments in research and development are assuring the achievement of these commitments. Those who are giving us such qualifications are recognizing our high qualitative standards and that’s the reason why MTPL (India) is their choice.

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  • Quality & Performance

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  • Satisfaction

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