Product Overview

Extrusion Plant:
Extrusion Plants for making PP Danline, PP Monofilament, PP Fibrillated Tapeline, Crushing Danline, PP Tape (Sutli), HDPE Monofilament, Mosquito Yarn, Fishing Twine,
Baler Twine.

All Extrusion Plant are fully automatic and electronic with PLC control for optimum power cost saving with maximum production output.
We also provide customized extrusion plant with annealing system for high tenacity HDPE and PP yarn.
We also provide combo plant of PP Tapeline cum PP danline cum PP monofilament.
Bobbin Winder/ Rewinder, Cheese Winder/ Jumbo Cheese Winder & Accumulator:
Online flange bobbin winder for winding of mono and danline yarns from extrusion plant.
Online tube cheese winder for winding of tape yarn from extrusion plant.
Jumbo Cheese Winder used for winding high denier tape from extruder.
Accumulator works online with Tape Extrusion Plant and Inflow Twister for making continuous Twine production.
Rope Making Machine:
Mechanical Rope making machine and fully automatic electronic rope making machine with PLC Control System . Rope ranges 2mm to 55mm, 3 Strand (Ply) and 4 Strand (Ply). Rope machines are suitable for making PP Mono, PP Tape, PP Danline yarn, Nylon Yarn, Polyester, Synthetic Yarn, Multi- Filament Yarn, Natural Fiber Yarn, Cotton, Jute, Sisal, Manila, etc. 
Endless rope making machine for getting infinite length. Rope range 2mm to 44mm. Endless rope machines model also available with separate one station and two station coiling machine.
Our rope machines are for making superior quality ropes.
Coiling Machine:
Coiling machine for making precise layer to layer rope coils for all types of rope. Rope range covers from 2mm to 55mm. 
In our product range it consist of ply yarn twister, Inflow twister, out flow twister, 4 station twister. This machines are fully automatic and PLC Control System and used  for making baler twine, agriculture twine, tying twine, fishing twine, balling twine, etc.
All this twisting machines are fully automatic and high speed, for maximum production output.
Strander & Closer Rope Machine:
Strander Machine for making strand (ply) from 4mm to 30mm to be used in Braiding machine and Rope machine.
Closer machine for making ropes from 8mm to 70mm.
This types of Buncher and Closer machines used for making Braided Ropes and Twisted Ropes.
Braiding Machine:

16 Carrier Braiding Machine with its winder and Coiling Machine for making Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, PP, Mono, Synthetic, Multi filament Braided rope size 6mm to24mm.8 Strand Braiding machine with strander and coiler for making Braided Rope size from 8mm to 104mm. This braiding machine specially used for making heavy size and high strength shipping, mooring, fishing ropes.