Quality Control

Quality is an important factor when it comes to our product or service. With the high market competition, quality has become the market differentiator. Therefore, we are out there constantly look for enhancing our product & service quality. In order to maintain or enhance the quality of the offerings, we use two techniques, quality control and quality assurance. These two practices make sure that the end product or the service meets the quality requirements and standards defined for the product or the service.

QC & QA can be achieved and maintained in such a way, not just assembling but making each and every part of machine design in premises under highly experienced engineers and operators. We have in house machining capability to accomplish micron accuracy through CNC and VMC machines, Lathe & grinders, Hardening and Hard chrome, PLASMA cutting machine, Computerized LASER alignment, CNC bending machine, Spot heat welding, Sand Blasting, Powder coating, and also safety standard in furnished machines for operators. Quality control also includes to regulate other brands which are used in machine and which is accomplished by using all international & national No. 1 quality brands for Timing Belts, Motors, Drives, PLC, HMI, Gears, Pulleys, Bearings, Castings, and all other Mechanical/Electrical/Electronic goods.

Not just machine quality standards and parameters but we focuses on final Rope quality and parameters. Our machines are designed in such a way that it can persist and produce higher than the market quality rope because to us it’s not just rope, it’s a technical combination of Twisting & Braiding the YARN and quality for strength as it is “Designed & Engineered to Strength” and “Quality is our fame & Motto”.


MTPL (India) a leading manufacturer of Yarn Extruders and Rope Making machinery, has a prompt technical support service that provides a significant differential advantage for its customers.

MTPL (India) offers multiple advantages: speed of delivery and repair of machinery, parts warranty, and parts availability in shortest possible time, highly qualified professional and technical services officers to provide technical support to our local clients & also online solutions for our overseas clients throughout the Globe.

MTPL (India) has 30 years manufacturing machines for the rope industry and has, therefore, with the experience needed to know the importance of a fast and efficient repair. The objective is clear: keep the machinery of their clients is stopped. For this reason MTPL Online tech support Team was created, a technical support service that is based on four pillars: proximity, service, quality and speed. This Service thus becomes a differential advantage between MTPL (India) and competitors, as they are the only company able to offer this additional service.